Product information

This product supersedes product no: 590091

Unitor IALBRO-W is suited for welding most bronze/brass alloys, including aluminum bronzes like Yorcalbro, in wrought as well as cast forms.


  • High mechanical strength and toughness
  • It is also suited for rebuilding or joining materials to steel or cast iron, and for wear or corrosion resistant overlays on steel and cast iron.


  • Less possibility for joint failure during operation
  • The weld deposit have high resistance to corrosion and wear


Safety Data Sheet (SDS)


Directions for use

  • Use pure Argon as shielding gas
  • Ensure good surface preparation i.e., use only stainless steel abrasive discs or brush for grinding or cleaning
  • Yorcalbro pipes with a small diameter and thin walls should be TIG welded. If there is an overlap joint (capillary joint) Silver brazing should be considered