Product information

Harsh tribological conditions like high boundary friction can exacerbate damage and wear of your parts. MICROLUBE GL 262 was designed to be an ideal lubricant solution for this challenge. Formulated with a mineral oil base, special lithium soap, and the MICROLUBE additive package, it offers enhanced protection under boundary friction conditions, thus, preventing tribo-corrosion.

The unique composition of MICROLUBE GL 262 ensures your components a wear-free surface finish while reducing running-in wear. Due to the incorporation of special additives, it is adept at handling intense oscillations and micro-movements, providing your parts with the defence they need for longer component life.

MICROLUBE GL 262 can absorb high pressures well and offers good anti-corrosion properties as well. Tried, tested and approved by OEMs over the years, it remains a safe and reputable choice lubricant today.

MICROLUBE GL 262 exhibits good pumpability in central lubrication systems, ensuring you an easy and trouble-free machine operation.


  • Protection against boundary friction

  • Anti-corrosion

  • High-pressure absorbent

  • Compatible with central lubrication systems


  • Protects your parts against tribo-corrosion, extending their service lives

  • Protects your parts against wear and damage by oscillations and micro-movements

  • High-performance under high pressures

  • Reduces running-in wear

  • Provides easy, trouble-free operations


Safety Data Sheet (SDS)


Directions for use

MICROLUBE GL 262 is suitable for low to medium-speed plain and rolling bearings, and for swivel movements and vibrations. Other relevant applications include linear guides, serrations, multiple spline shafts, and small gears such as adjustment gears.

It is generally suitable for machine elements potentially subject to tribo-corrosion.

Apply MICROLUBE GL 262 by brush, spatula, grease gun, or through centralized lubrication systems.