Product information

Your gears today likely work under high pressures and powerful loads, making them susceptible to fretting and wear. Good lubricants, however, can help support your gears, protecting them from any serious damage that could be hurting the service life of your components and the safety of your operations. KLÜBERPLEX GE 11-680 was formulated with a mineral oil base and an aluminium complex soap thickener to be a high-performing adhesive lubricant that fulfils this purpose.

Containing anti-wear additives, wear and corrosion inhibitors, and resistant to high pressure, KLÜBERPLEX GE 11-680 shields your parts from seizure and pitting, empowering them to serve you and your plant more reliably --- and for longer periods. With an FZG scuffing load stage of > 12, it is extremely capable of protecting your gears from scuffing damage as well.

KLÜBERPLEX GE 11-680 is free from bitumen, solvents, and raw materials containing lead. This makes for easy handling, cleaning, and disposal. It is also optimised for use via automatic lubrication systems.


  • Resistant to high pressures

  • Anti-corrosive, anti-wear

  • Oxidation inhibition

  • Free of bitumen, solvents and raw materials containing lead

  • Free of solid lubricants

  • Applicable by automatic lubrication systems


  • High-performing under high pressures

  • Protects your gears from wear and corrosion

  • Protects your gears from scuffing

  • Protects your gears from oxidation damage

  • Easy handling, cleaning, and disposal


Safety Data Sheet (SDS)


Directions for use

KLÜBERPLEX GE 11-680 was developed for the lubrication of open and closed spur and bevel gears, lifting spindles, slideways and guideways, large chain drives and sliding bearings. Particularly suitable for elevated component temperatures and wherever adhesive lubricants containing solid lubricants cannot be used.

Apply KLÜBERPLEX GE 11-680 to the tooth flanks of your gears through automatic spray systems. For smaller drives, lubricate through positive drip-feed equipment, with a brush or hand spray equipment. Splash lubrication is possible as well for components operating at low circumferential speeds (<3 m/s).