Product information

Klüberplex BEM 34-132 is a speciality rolling bearing grease for demanding applications. Klübermatic FLEX is a compact, ready-to-use lubricator. It can be used for diverse applications at temperatures between −20 °C and +60 °C. The lubrication interval can be selected in monthly increments between 1 and 12 months. An electronically controlled chemical reaction generates the pressure to ensure continuous fresh lubricant supply to the lubrication point at set intervals. Klübermatic FLEX is available in volumes of 30, 60 and 125 cm³. Klübermatic FLEX is particularly suitable for single-point lubrication in rolling and plain bearings, slideways, open gears, toothed racks, shaft seals and chains. The lubrication system is dust-tight and protected against splash water (according to IP 68).


• Klüberplex BEM 34-132 is used for ball bearings and linear guides, ball screws subject to oscillating motion, high loads andvibration. These may typically be found in: hub units (wheel bearings), shock absorber bearings, water.

• Klüberplex BEM 34-132 is also suitable as sealing grease for rolling bearings due to its excellent media resistance. The product has good resistance to water and steam and presents as well good performance in presence of dilute alkali and acid solutions.


  • Reliable operation and long-standing experience in the long-term lubrication of highly loaded rolling bearings
  • Longer service life of rolling bearings due to good wear protection, also under vibration and oscillation
  • Long service life due to excellent corrosion protection and media resistance


Safety Data Sheet (SDS)


Directions for use

Klüberplex BEM 34-132 can be applied by spatula, brush or by manually operated grease guns. We recommend checking the pumpability of Klüberplex BEM 34-132 in automatic lubrication systems prior to use and using Klüberplex BEM 34-132 N for relubrication, in particular with long lubrication pipes; see separate product information leaflet. This product is also available in our automatic lubricant dispenser Klübermatic. Please consult the application engineering experts from Klüber Lubrication to determine whether Klübermatic might be used under the conditions in your processes.