Product information

Medium-sized to large-sized girth gears are commonly subject to extremely heavy loads. Exposure to harsh conditions like prolonged contact with seawater also results in wear and corrosion.

KLÜBERFLUID C-F 3 ULTRA is a newly developed transparent adhesive lubricant meant to work with these gear drives --- protectively for them and conveniently for you. Based on a mixture of synthetic hydrocarbons and mineral oil, it is an excellent adhesive and possesses good resistance to high pressure. It also offers optimum wear protection for your tooth flank.

Furthermore, KLÜBERFLUID C-F 3 ULTRA was designed to work over a range of temperatures. It is suitable for normal to elevated service temperatures and can operate with component temperatures up to 120°C. It is supported by good low-temperature behaviour as well.

KLÜBERFLUID C-F 3 ULTRA is free from bitumen, heavy metals, chlorine and solid lubricants, making it an organic and eco-friendly choice in your commitment to protecting our seas and homes.

The addition of an eco-friendly solvent into the product formulation means you can now apply KLÜBERFLUID C-F 3 ULTRA via spray systems at low temperatures in an easy, hassle-free way.


  • Spray application

  • Good behaviour across low and high service temperatures

  • Organic solvent

  • Good adhesion

  • Resistant to high pressure

  • Wear protection

  • Light-coloured, transparent product


  • Environmentally-friendly
  • Easy to use via spray application
  • Low consumption required
  • Protects your gear drives from wear
  • Protects damage to your gear drives by high pressure
  • Adheres to gears well across a wide range of temperatures, reducing your need for maintenance


Safety Data Sheet (SDS)


Directions for use

KLÜBERFLUID C-F 3 ULTRA is appropriate to use as spray lubrication for large gear rim/pinion drives. Suitable for all gear sizes and power ratings.

Note that a peripheral speed of 10 m/s should, however, not be exceeded.

Apply KLÜBERFLUID C-F 3 ULTRA to the tooth flanks via spray lubrication systems working with container or barrel pumps.

To view the lubricant film on the tooth flanks, use a UV lamp of at least 366 nm.