Product information

Open gears operate in varied conditions, enduring high loads and vibrations, temperature differentials, dusty environments, and varying speeds. This could result in pitting, scuffing and other forms of wear of your open gears, harming the operations of your plant.

With this in mind, GRAFLOSCON C-SG 0 ULTRA was designed to form an important protective layer separating the intermeshing tooth surfaces, protecting them from damage.

GRAFLOSCON C-SG 0 ULTRA boasts a unique chemical composition built on aluminium soap thickener, giving it good adhesion strength even at extreme loads, to better protect the tooth flank. Moreover, its fine graphite particles form a key protective layer on the surface of your gears.

With an improved load pattern, GRAFLOSCON C-SG 0 ULTRA reduces the vibration and temperature differences across the tooth flank. It was also formulated with special, high-quality additives that help shield your gears from corrosion.

GRAFLOSCON C-SG 0 ULTRA is used and recommended by leading and global OEMs like FLSmidth, ThyssenKrupp, KHD, Ferry Capitain, Cemtec, and Hoffmann Engineering.


  • Uniquely formulated with fine graphite particles

  • Includes solid lubricants for added protection

  • Improved load pattern that reduces vibration and temperature differences across tooth flank

  • Contains special additives for corrosion-protection properties


  • Improves the surface condition of loaded tooth flanks

  • Enhances service life of gears

  • Reduces damage caused by high vibration and temperature differentials

  • Provides extra protection during extreme or shock loads

  • Effective and economical to use


Safety Data Sheet (SDS)


Directions for use

GRAFLOSCON C-SG 0 ULTRA was developed for the running-in of large open gear drives in rotary kilns, tube mills, dryers, lime kilns, rotary coolers, etc. used in the cement, lime, gypsum, mining, steel, power, paper & pulp and chemical industries.

It may be used to lubricate and protect slide and guide rails, large chains, wire ropes and similar devices.

Apply GRAFLOSCON C-SG 0 ULTRA to your gear through automatic spray systems. For smaller gear drives, apply with a brush or the Klübermatic® LB manual spray gun.

Do not expose GRAFLOSCON C-SG 0 ULTRA to direct sunlight.