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Acera HMPE ropes with Snap Back Arrestor with Line Design Break Force (LDBF) based on the Ship Design Minimum Breaking Load (SDMBL) according to OCIMF MEG4. Acera ropes are available with or without cover and in two different lengths according to your needs. These ropes are tested and produced in compliance with OCIMF MEG4 and ISO standards. Our SBA is verified by DNV GL and is proven effective via trials using real-life mooring conditions.

Stretcher with pick-up line fitting to the main line with Snap Back Arrestor and installed Pick up line. The mixed composition Timm Master 12 SBA stretcher with Tail Design Break Load (TDBL) of 125-130% of the SDMBL based on the OCIMG MEG4 guidelines. Pick up line is installed in the outer eye of the stretcher that will be used over the bollard on the port/terminal side. This 4m long pick up line is both a tool for easier handling and a safety feature. This should be used to lift the eye of the stretcher on the bollard and release it from the bollard. Pick up line will prevent the accident of crews' hands getting stuck between the eye and the bollard in case of unexpected movements.

Pigtail for easy opening of the cow hitch. The package includes a bag with two orange ropes and a manual. These ropes are recommended to use as pigtails in the cow hitch connection for easier opening of the cow hitch when the stretcher is removed. When the tension is applied on the cow hitch connection, it will be very difficult to release it when the stretcher is retired. The pigtail will enable easier opening and will help the crew to perform their task faster and more efficiently.

Chafe guard fitting to the main line. Chafe guard will help you to protect the main line in exposed places where chafing occurs. Using the chafe guard will prolong the lifetime of your ropes.

Line Management Plan (LMP) provides a complete overview of the mooring equipment and usage onboard in just one app - working seamlessly across all devices: computer, phone or tablet - both on board and on shore. The goal is to simplify and streamline all processes and operations required to manage the life cycle of mooring ropes, from procurement to installation, use and retirement. This enables you to have all the information you need for the vetting inspector easily available. The package includes subscription for 1 year.

One test for residual breaking strength according to ISO 2307 is included in our package. The test will be performed in our factory Timm Slovakia and the full report will be shared with you. This will contribute to defining the correct retirement criteria for your ropes. According to OCIMF MEG4, the ropes shall be retired when they reach 75% of the original LDBF.

One rope inspection at the time of customer's choice, with time and location as agreed with WSS, is included. Get the full inspection done by the expert. After the inspection you will receive Technical inspection report. Detailed inspection done by the expert will contribute to prolonged lifetime of the ropes. This inspection will contribute to the needed interaction between the experts for manufacturing and the crew onboard using the ropes. Inspection duration is limited to five (5) hours, including waiting hours, preformed during WSS' normal working hours.

Be compliant with MEG4 certificate. Each rope and stretcher have an individual certificate created according to OCIMF MEG4, based on Base Design Certificate for the designated product. Base Design Certificates are verified by DNV GL. MEG4 certificate is part of the Line Management Plan (LMP) according to the OCIMF MEG4 and these certificates must be available during the vetting inspection.

Manuals Installation Manual, Use and Care Manual and Retirement Criteria Manual shall be incorporated in the LMP of the vessel and are also subject of the vetting inspection.

Technical support - our experts are only a phone call away. Let us assist you in your technical questions connected to the mooring solution and OCIMF MEG4 guidelines.


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