Product information

This product supersedes product no: 571323


  • Easy to use liquid treatment
  • Neutralises the acids occurring in the condensate system
  • Volatilizes and carries over with the steam and so it is recycled
  • Simple test to determine level of treatment
  • Used for protection of condensate and feed water systems in boiler systems of all pressures


  • Dosage is economical and efficient
  • Less maintenance required
  • Lower operating costs and increased reliability


Safety Data Sheet (SDS)


Directions for use

Dosage and Control

The condensate is tested for pH to determine the dosage level. The pH limits are 8.5-9.2. For an average system e.g. 10 m3, the dosage is approximately 0.65 ltr/day

Dosing Method

NALFLEETâ„¢ Condensate Control is best dosed continuously using an automatic dosing unit. The treatment can be dosed together with the oxygen scavenger.

Suitable dosage points are:

  • Boiler feed line after recirculation valve
  • Condensate pump discharge NALFLEETâ„¢ Condensate Control can be fed using an automatic dosing system. Consult your WSS representative for specific dosing instructions.

Sampling and Testing

A representative sample of condensate should be drawn for analysis daily. The sample should always be taken from the same point, cooled and tested immediately. Follow the test kit instructions and log the results in Waterproof. The results should be sent to WSS as stated in the Waterproof instructions.

Condensate Control Dosing Parameters (all pressure groups)

Standard pH range is 8.5 to 9.2

Measured pH

If pH < 8.5: Increase Dosage by 25%. Retest after 24 hrs or shorter. If pH within 8.5 to 9.2: Within control. No adjustment needed, continue with routine monitoring. If pH > 9.2: Decrease dosage by 25%. Retest after 24 hrs or shorter.

These are recommended values based on experience and are in no way intended to replace the boiler manufacturer's specifications or company regulations.

It is important that regular testing is carried out to ensure levels of treatment are correct. Use dosage chart to maintain condensate pH between 8.5-9.2.