Product information

This product supersedes product no: 767113

Unitor™ FuelPower™ Demulsifier breaks water-in-oil emulsions by lowering the surface tension between the two phases. It is insoluble in water and remains effective even after the water has been removed. Powerful dispersants combat existing sludge formations while homogenising the fuel to prevent new sludge from being formed. Centrifugal separation of catalyst fines is improved, reducing abrasion damage. The homogenising action of Unitor™ FuelPower™ Demulsifier keeps heavy fuel particles in suspension, therefore fuel filters block less frequently, tanks and lines remain cleaner, and in general, fuel systems maintenance is minimised. Consequently, a greater proportion of supplied fuel is available for combustion.


  • Rapidly breaks water-in-oil emulsions
  • Improves separator efficiency
  • Prevents sludge formation in tanks and lines


  • Helps you to keep your fuel as water free as possible
  • Reduction in sludge reduces your maintenance requirements




Directions for use

Dosage and control Dose into the bunker tank prior to, or during bunkering. Allow the product to mix well with the fuel. If fuel analysis is available, the dosage should be based on the water content, as per the following table:

Water %Vol



Above 2.0




1:2000 to 1:500

If no analysis is available either from a laboratory or Unitor water-in-oil test kit, use an initial dose rate of 1:6000 and adjust according to the results obtained.