Product information

Unitor Quad Snake Water Removal Filter helps to absorb excess water from diesel and biodiesel blends by demulsifing them and maintaining water level within fuel specification in the fuel tank at all times. It contains Aquafighter technology which makes the product efficient, safe for the environment and the human health.


Maintains water level within fuel specification in the tank at all times Stops the domino-effect of water damage from the tank though the fuel system to the engine


Protects fuel tank and equipment from microbial growth, corrosion and other water accumulation related damages Non-toxic, non-chemical solution, safe to the environment and to handle Long-term and short-term savings on maintenance and capital equipment manages fuel quality and fuel tank condition better than other solutions(both chemical and mechanical) combined


Directions for use

Place the Unitor Water Removal Filter in the fuel tank attached by the rope. Fill the date of the placement in the red tag for your reference. Check monthly after placement until water capacity. Please remove the filter for disposal after it reaches a 50% volume growth. Dispose as per recommended waste fuels,lubricating, or hydraulic oil residues instructions,as it may contain small amounts of fuel.