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Unitor™ DieselPower™ CFPP is a product that can help to improve the cold flow properties of a marine distillate fuel. Unitor™ DieselPower™ CFPP will help reduce the wax formation and also to reduce the risk of wax fallout and accumulation.

Product information

A distillate fuel paraffin's. The paraffin's are quite large molecules and have a tendency to come together and form larger structures as the temperature drops in the fuel. The paraffin's can also be referred to as wax and a fuel with high wax content will have a tendency to cause wax formation at higher temperatures. Once the wax particles has formed they are difficult to dissolve back into the fuel.


  • Cold flow improver and pour point depressant
  • Delays the onset of paraffin crystallization to improve cold flow properties


  • Enables you to handle the fuel at lower temperatures
  • Adds safety in handling of the fuel by reducing the pour point of the fuel
  • Keep the wax crystals in suspension preventing wax fallout and accumulation


Physical properties

Density [kg/dm3] 0,90
Flash Point [°C] >60
Form Liquid
Pour Point [°C] -30



Directions for use

Unitor DieselPower CFPP should be dosed to the fuel tank prior to filling. Recommended dosage is one liter to one thousand liter of fuel (1:1000 or 1000 ppm). In case of poor respons dosage can be increased to one liter to five hundred liter of fuel (1:500 or 2000 ppm)

Please note: The dosing temperature should always be at least 5oC above the measuered cloud point of the fuel.

Dosage of product

1 ton fuel bunkered

10 ton fuel bunkered

50 ton bunkered

100 ton bunkered

1000 ppm

Dose 1 ltr

Dose 10 ltr

Dose 50 ltr

Dose 100 ltr

2000 ppm

Dose 2 ltr

Dose 20 ltr

Dose 100 ltr

Dose 200 ltr