Product information


  • Highly concentrated tank cleaner with quick penetration and powerful emulsifying properties, can also be used for the removal of tars, bitumen and similar difficult tank contamination's.
  • The emulsifying agents in this product are biological degradable.
  • Easy rinse off, leaving clean and oil-free surfaces and safe to use on most metal surfaces, painted surfaces and tank coatings.


  • Saves time through quick action.
  • Reduces the number of products needed as the product work both as spot and re-circulation cleaner




Directions for use

Spot cleaning
Unitor™ Tankleen Tar™ can be sprayed neat onto tank surfaces to be cleaned. The contact time should be at least 20 minutes to solubilise hard films before rinsing with fresh water. Bulkheads/walls can be washed down by use of tank washing machines or high pressure cleaning machines. Slops should be constantly stripped from the tank and transferred to a holding tank or pumped ashore to slop tanks.

Re-circulation method - for tank cleaning machines
It is advised to use a solution of 10% i.e. 100 litres per ton of hot wash water mixed in the tank to be cleaned. The washing solution is usually 5 - 10% of the tank capacity. Recirculate using a tank washing machine for 4 - 8 hours at 50 - 60 dg. C.

Dose rates and results will vary depending on contamination, the temperature of cleaning solution, and number of tanks to be cleaned with the solution.