Product information

The Unitor™ Mixing Station 4-4 can be mounted in series allowing only one feedwater line.

Can mix up to 4 different chemicals - easy to choose by using the selector wheel.

Suction from up to 4 canisters of chemicals with up to 4 different mixing ratios.

Unitor™ Mixing Station 4 - 4™ is ideal for filling smaller sprayers when low foaming is required.

For filling of larger volume, the the 4 - 14 is recommended.

The unit can also be connected in series with the Unitor Mixing Station 4-14.


  • Flow rates: 4 LPM
  • Automatically and accurately dilutes chemical concentrates.
  • Matches Unitor Easyclean series


  • Controls your chemical consumption
  • Improved health and safety handling - reduced risk of spilling
  • Standardized and correct dosing
  • Easy to install, supplied with installation manual
  • Low maintenance - no pump or electrical connection