Product information

The Unitor™ Cleaning Station™ is ideal for fixed installation in galley, engine room, spa, pool or shower areas or other areas that require frequent cleaning with accurate mixing. When the station is installed, time is saved during every cleaning as preparation time is effectively reduced.

The colour coded Tips that are included let you choose the correct mixing of water and chemicals. The tips is easy to put in place.

You can also apply only water for cleaning / rinsing. Supplied with a 15 meter food graded hose and a solid spray gun.

The operator can choose from only water (no chemicals) or chemical 1 or chemical 2.

Cleaning station complete for one or two products. Flow rate 13 LPM @ 3 bar.


  • Two - way chemical dosing or only flushing with water
  • Easy to understand selector wheel
  • Hose with solid gun
  • Easy installation - guide included
  • Supplied with backflow preventer


  • Accurate dosing - consumes less chemicals
  • Safe handling of chemicals
  • Easy and convenient way of cleaning and applying ready to use dilution