Product information

Easyclean laundry tablets for color & white fabrics have a new optimized formula that effectively eliminates all types of stains (fats, protein, starch, gray, etc.), thanks to the combined action of enzymes, active oxygen and surfactants. Each individual tablet is wrapped in a Polyvinyl Alcohol (PVA) film, that is a water-soluble biodegradable polymer film. The film will dissolve quickly in water and should not be removed before use. The purpose of the film is to prevent the tablets from absorbing humidity, handling and to avoid the tablets to stick together in the box. The tablets are packed in brown carton box which contains 300 tablets.

  • 1 tab of 20g can be used for up to wash load of 5 KG clothing.
  • 2 tabs of 20g to be used for wash load of > 6 KG clothing or very dirty clothes or if water is bunkered & has high hardness.


  • Effective and easy to dose
  • Concentrated in only 20 grams
  • Biodegradable
  • Phosphate free


  • Effective on all types of stains (fats, protein, starch, etc.)
  • Ideal for both white and colored fabrics
  • Fast and effective dissolution of the tablet
  • Efficient at low temperature wash of 10°C
  • Leaves no traces of powder or residues of the water soluble film
  • Efficient even for 30' wash cycle (short cycle)




Directions for use

  1. Sort laundry and respect the temperatures indicated on the label.
  2. Add 1 tablet per 5 kgs clothes load directly into the dosing chamber/drum of the washing machine, before adding clothes. If clothes are very dirty, or more than 5 KG clothes load, or if the water is bunkered and has a high hardness, add 1 extra tablet.
  3. Run normal program according to the machine settings.
  4. After each clean, if possible, leave the machine door open.