Product information


  • Quality Guaranteed - purity and moisture content are guaranteed as per AHRI Standard 700.
  • Global Availability - Products are available in WSS global network with the same specification and quality.
  • Compatibility - R-417A is compatible with both POE and mineral oil in existing R-22 system.
  • Recommended for existing R-22 system.


  • Safety and Authenticity - Refrigerants delivered under the WSS Global Cylinder Ex-change program are fully traceable, safe, authentic, and thus eliminate the risks of receiving illegal or counterfeit refrigerants.
  • Cost Effective- Reduce downtime and Cost as the refrigerant is compatible with mineral oil in existing R-22 systems.
  • Worldwide Compliance - This low GWP refrigerant solution enables ship owners to stay compliant with all international regulations.


Safety Data Sheet (SDS)