Product information

Hoses are equipped with a W24.32mm x 1/14" female connection.


  • A manifold with flexible hoses compliant to EN 13769
  • Working pressure 200 pressure
  • Individual serial number
  • Connections are W24.32mm x 1/14" for inert gases
  • WSS will take care of requalification of the manifold (5 year interval)


  • a very flexible manifold capable of absorbing vibrations reducing the risk of leakage by fatigue crack forming.
  • easy to exchange cylinders from racks resulting in a short turn around time.
  • central outlet for gas consumption; one connection connects 16 cylinders resulting in a stable continuous gas flow.
  • less need to change cylinders during work; less interruptions/downtime.
  • less and safer handling than with individual cylinders.