Product information


  • Rubber enclosed power cord which stays flexible even in very low temperatures and is resistant to wear and tear
  • Large application area as the unit is resistant to most chemicals and oils and can be used for a variety of cleaning tasks including removal of liquids and solids in the workshop, engine room, deck areas and accommodation areas
  • Large on/off switch can be started or stopped without removing gloves
  • Large wheels provide stability even on rough surfaces
  • Long range hose, 3m
  • Power cord hook ensures the cord stays secured to the unit while in transit or in storage


  • Low noise level means the unit can be used for longer periods and in environments where noise must be held at a minimum
  • Ergonomic design means the unit can be used for longer periods of time due to lower user fatigue



Product name Product number Height [mm] Length [mm] Width [mm] Capacity Power [W] Voltage [V]
VCWD27 WET AND DRY VACUUM CLEANER 681924 570 390 380 27 ltr 1500 220
VCWD70 WET AND DRY VACUUM CLEANER 721944 (supersedes 682005) 970 605 580 64 ltr 1500 + 640 230