Product information

Compared with traditional cleaning methods, use of Ultrasonic cleaning units results in reduced manual work, reduced consumption of hazardous chemicals and improved cleaning performance without damaging the items to be cleaned. The new efficient Booster technology is ideal for filter cleaning, since through the opposite located side-ultrasound even internal spaces can be reached and cleaned in an optimum way.

Use of an Ultrasonic machine combined with Unitorâ„¢ Ultraclean GO makes it particularly effective for cleaning fuel and lube oil filter elements, machinery parts and tools. The unit is optimized for cleaning of fine mesh fuel and lube oil filter candles, discs or elements. The new function Dual Frequency allows the user to choose the ultrasonic frequency 45kHz for delicate or 25kHz for heavy duty cleaning jobs. Professional ultrasonic cleaning avoids the risk of damaging the workpiece unlike conventional cleaning methods. The new Dynamic function ensures the most efficient ultrasonic cleaning power by switching between sweep and pulse mode to provide an even power distribution and amplification.


  • Dual frequency
  • Dynamic ultrasonic mode
  • Transducer mounted on two sides
  • New basket design
  • Robust electrical components
  • User-friendly control panel
  • Low water level sensor
  • Included anti vibration rubber feet


  • Increased cleaning performance through even power distribution and amplification
  • Optimized cleaning results for delicate or heavy-duty applications
  • Prolonged system lifetime and operation
  • Efficient and fast heating
  • Easy to service