Product information

Unitor abrasive discs are ideal to be used with electrical or air operated angle grinders.

Fibre discs to be used with backing pads. Unitor fibre discs are made of aluminium oxide grain with resin bonding for multi purpose application on a wide range of metals.

Supplied in pack of 25 pcs for sanding discs.


  • Manufactured in accordance with EN 12413
  • Recognised by a low clogging rate
  • Even grinding finish
  • Ideal for applications requiring cool grinding


  • Compatible with UNITOR Air Tools especially on matching RPM for safe use onboard
  • Solution for standardization of Air Tools and Abrasive Consumables with worldwide availability


Directions for use

Abrasive consumables are relatively fragile and should be stored and handled with care.

Abrasive discs should be stored in a clean, dry location, away from water or chemical products (solvents), and where they will not be exposed to frost or high humidity. Store at temperatures between 10°C and 30°C and relative humidity between 45% and 65%.

Incorrect storage of the abrasive discs (except cup wire brush) in open area will cause the disc’s resin to absorb moisture over a period of time and this will deteriorate the product quality resulting in disc failure.

Before abrasive discs are used, it should be inspected to ensure that it has not been damaged in storage or transit and do not have any defects.

Manufacturers’ instructions should be followed on the selection of the correct type of abrasive consumables for the job in hand. Always ensure that the disc size and RPM speed matches the air tools’ size and RPM specifications. An abrasive disc should not be mounted on an air tool for which it is unsuitable.