LNG Market Outlook Report for 2018 to 2030

Coming from a Ships Agency perspective, we aim to capture a holistic view of the LNG industry's upstream to downstream supply chain by highlighting the movements of key players in various locations.

This report summarizes our reflections on the performance of the LNG industry over the 2016-2017 period and an analysis of how the LNG market will evolve from 2018 up to 2030. In this report, we'll discuss:

LNG Global Overview

  • Global outlook 2017-2030
  • LNG contracts
  • Upcoming LNG projects
  • Trending topic: Panama Canal
  • LNG trade routes 2016 – 2017
  • Global gas trade movement pipeline overview
  • Australia LNG exports review and forecast 2012 – 2020

LNG Load and Discharge Ports

  • Top 20 load countries by port calls
  • Major LNG load ports
  • Major shippers load port terminal calls
  • Major buyers discharge port terminal calls

Japan and Korea in focus

  • LNG review and outlook