IMO2020 Tank Cleaning Solutions

With the IMO 2020 regulation to reduce sulphur emissions, simply switching to a new fuel is not enough. HFSO creates layers of sludge. Your fuel might be contaminated, pushing emissions above the 0.5% cap. To avoid non-compliance, your tanks must be cleaned beforehand.

What is IMO2020?

Majority of vessels worldwide will have to switch to new fuels following the 0.5% Global Sulphur emissions cap. Examples of clean fuels include VLSFO, Marine Gas oil and LNG. If vessels do not meet requirements, they would incur heavy fines, or be barred from entering certain waters.

Here are the three ways to adhere to IMO 2020:

800 x 450 IMO 2020 Three Ways To Adhere

In addition, there is also a complete bunker cleaning offer that has been curated for our customers to cater to their operational demands.

A faster option for those pressed for time 

800 x 450 IMO 2020 A Faster Option For Those Pressed For Time

Here's our Timeline:

Step 1: Scoping

800 x 450 IMO Process 1

To prepare for the vessel’s arrival, we collect the following info: Size and number of tanks, Amount of time allocated for the service, Whether the vessel will provide food/consumables, Whether waste disposal is required

Step 2: Booking

800 x 450 IMO Process 2

Once the scope is clear, we will provide price and time and coordinate with the cleaning crew

Step 3: Delivery

800 x 450 IMO Process 3

We will arrange for transportation and accommodation for the cleaning crew, and arrange prefunding and invoicing on behalf of suppliers through DA.

Our Tank Cleaning and Riding Gang option will be available in the following locations:

IMO 2020_ Where We Operate
Tank Cleaning Infographics



When planning your tank cleaning, get complimentary location recommendations from Wilhelmsen Ships Agency for optimal efficiency, and to enquire if suppliers provide the option of reduced cleaning time.