Bill of Lading Services in Geneva

With an experienced and specialized team trained in handling Bill of Lading services, you can enjoy the full range of benefits.

With a dedicated team and streamlined processes, we deliver the following Bill of Lading services in Geneva fast, securely and professionally:

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    Switching Bills of Lading

    We are armed with the expertise to issue, cancel, re-issue and exchange Bills of Lading

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    Owners Representative

    We represent you as your witness at the bank, including the nulling and voiding of original Bills of Lading

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    No additional fees

    As a gesture of goodwill in these challenging times, no fees will be charged for this service if we are your nominated agent at either load port or discharge port.

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    Express service: 30 minutes delivery

    Our central location in Geneva enables us to have Bills of Lading delivered to your bank in Geneva within just 30 minutes of issuance on the same day, freeing up your credit days and minimizing interest rate fees.

Enjoy the benefits of having an experienced team

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    Catered to your Requirements

    Flexible to your needs, we provide you with a stress-free experience, whether it is when your cargo is discharging soon or you require a ship certificate for the bank's release of your funds.

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    Dedicated and Experienced Team

    With a specialized team trained in handling Bill of Lading services efficiently, we can issue certificates on very short notice, easily saving you up to a week.

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    Same Day Delivery

    If you have urgent requirements, we will go the extra mile to deliver the documents to you on the same day, either in person or through a trusted courier service.

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