2015 - Ingeborg Gillebo

Ingeborg Gillebo was the seventh recipient of the Tom Wilhelmsen Foundation Opera and Ballet Prize.

Ingeborg Gillebo

This year’s prize winner stands out as one of the most promising and talented young singers Norway can offer today.  With her beautiful, brilliant voice, elegant phrasing of international character and her living communication skills.

Those who have had the pleasure to work closely with Ingeborg, and experienced her impressive development over the later years, can have no difficulty in understanding that she is a major talent. Her voice’s natural beauty is apparent to all those who listen to her. But, as we know, this is only the beginning, and characteristics such as hard work and bravery are among the ingrediencies for success.

Let us focus on one of these characteristics; bravery.  Ingeborg is brave, but she is in no way naive.  When Ingeborg is suggested for a new role, she first considers it thoroughly before giving her decision. If the answer is yes, she will go into the role with all her heart and courage.

An excellent example of her courage is how, without an orchestra or a trial, she stepped in for a sick colleague as Cherubino in Figaros Wedding at the enormous main stage of the Metropolitan Opera in New York. It was a great success!

The reason that she felt safe in this performance, was that she had worked intensely with the role over a period of several years. This not a risky performance for her, but the ability to tackle a brand new situation with impressive confidence, shows a strength which will guarantee her success in the time to come.

A unanimous jury voted Ingeborg for the Opera & Ballet Prize 2015.

We congratulate Ingeborg and wish her all the best in the future – both for herself and for a big, enthusiastic audience.