Grete Waitz og Helle Aaanesen

Shipowner Tom Wilhelmsen’s Foundation ensures the establishment of the world's first competence center for training and cancer.

Aktiv mot kreft foundation is awarded 5 million annually in 2025–2027. The support enables the establishment of the competence center, which will take place at the new Radiumhospitalet in Oslo. The Aktiv mot kreft foundation is awarded 15 million Norwegian kroner by the Shipowner Tom Wilhelmsen’s Foundation. The allocation will ensure the establishment of the world's first competence center for training and cancer.

The competence center is established in collaboration with Oslo University Hospital (OUS) and will be located in the Ullern district of Oslo, next to the new Radiumhospitalet and the Oslo Cancer Cluster Innovation Park research center. With the support, the Shipowner Tom Wilhelmsen’s Foundation guarantees the establishment by guaranteeing the competence center's rent for the first three years. 

"Receiving this support is absolutely fantastic. It will contribute to a new, very good, and comprehensive treatment offering for cancer patients in Norway," says managing director Helle Aanesen of Aktiv mot kreft. 

Aanesen founded Aktiv mot Kreft in 2007 together with Grete Waitz, Norway's most successful long-distance runner of all time. Until today, the foundation has contributed approximately 300 million Norwegian kroner to the Norwegian healthcare system. These funds have been used to establish training centers for cancer patients, "Pusterom," at 21 hospitals in all health regions in Norway. In addition, the funds have been used for the education of specialized training instructors, research on exercise and cancer, and medical-technical equipment. 

"I am not aware of anything similar, neither in Norway nor internationally. In content and scope, this is unique. This is an outstanding opportunity to create a new and better treatment offering for cancer patients in Norway," says clinic leader Sigbjørn Smeland of the Cancer Clinic at OUS about the competence center. 

The Shipowner Tom Wilhelmsen’s Foundation distributed just over 90 million Norwegian kroner for cultural, maritime, medical, and humanitarian purposes in 2022. In 2023, the foundation distributed just over 60 million Norwegian kroner. 

About Aktiv mot kreft: 

Aktiv mot kreft is a foundation established by Grete Waitz and Helle Aanesen in 2007. The foundation works to incorporate personalized training as part of cancer treatment – from the time of diagnosis. The foundation establishes training centers for cancer patients ("Breathing Spaces") at hospitals in Norway. It also supports research on the effects of physical activity and cancer and educates AKTIV instructors in collaboration with the Norges Idrettshøgskole and Oslo University Hospital. The foundation has established sister foundations in the USA and Sweden and is also engaged in Ethiopia.