Right to play

The Wilhelmsen group has a cooperation agreement with the international humanitarian organisation Right To Play, which uses sport and play as an arena for development and peace.

Through its support for this organisation the WW group is helping to give disadvantaged children a better future. Wilhelmsen was the first international Norwegian company to agree to a formal collaboration with Right To Play. The agreement is being conducted through the Tom Wilhelmsen Foundation.

“I’m very grateful that such a significant international player is involving itself in our activities,” says Johan Olav Koss, who serves as the international president and CEO of Right To Play.   

“We’re looking forward to developing new projects through the Wilh. Wilhelmsen group’s international network and knowledge.” Right To Play is an international humanitarian organisation run by sports people, which works with children in the world’s most disadvantaged regions.            

Each week, more than 700,000 children take part in regular sport and play activities. A combined total of more than 1 million children attend regular programming and special sports events and festivals spread over 21 countries.