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    Legal Advice

    We advise on cabotage law, CIQ arrangements, fleet clearance, visa free designations, and all types of legal requirements that will assist you to a worry-free itinerary.

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    Crew Change

    We can provide a range of services and ensure efficient and smooth crew changes according to local guidelines, visa requirements and immigrations clearance.

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    Local invoice forms from all ports and suppliers are translated, handled centrally, and costs are input according to standardized international or Cruise unique formats. Invoicing handling platform available on the market or custom made on Cruise applications is used via company's system or per customer's instructions.

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    Concierge Services and Supplies

    Whether it is by land, sea or air, our team can find the right solution for your cruise supplies and needs. Our extensive network of local suppliers, ship chandlers and technical workshops, covers a wide range of services with competitive market rates.

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    Logistics, Deliveries, Landings

    We offer a full range of logistics, deliveries and landings services such as port arrangements, booking of equipment and manpower, handling of logistics, deliveries, storage, forwarding, loading and off landings.

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    Itinerary Planning

    With deep local knowledge, our team can propose itinerary plans based on local regulations, combined with local flavours, to ensure a smooth and unforgettable experience for you.

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    Health and Medical Emergency Services

    Health and medical emergency services for passengers and crew are available on request 24/7 in every port, and we are well-trained in Marine and Site Incident Handling. We provide up-to-date guidelines from authorities, ensuring passengers and crew embark and disembark safely.

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    Medical Emergency Handling

    We provide a variety of Health and Medical services for any kind of medical need for crew or passengers.

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    Berth Bookings

    We can arrange for berth reservations 3 years in advance, ensuring Port requirements are unchanged and securing you a berth prior announcement of itinerary (subject to conditions from Port).

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    Greece Cruise

    At Wilhelmsen Port Services Greece, we offer both Port Agency and Tour Operator services for Cruise. We see ourselves as an extension of the cruise line, with customer satisfaction and personalized services as our top priorities.



  • ACERA AMUNDSEN SBA S125 [42MM] 200m


  • SPECIAL-303N 2.5X350MM 200PCS 4,1KG

  • LH-314N 2.5X350MM 161 PCS 4.0 KG

  • GPO-302N 4.0X350MM 120 PCS 5.2 KG

  • GPO-302N 3.2X350MM 190 PCS 5.4 KG

  • GPO-302N 2.5X350MM 295 PCS 5,2KG

  • SPECIAL-303N 4.0X450MM 75 PCS 5,2KG

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