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Global Cylinder Exchange Program

Global Availability. Quality assurance. Regulatory compliance. There’s more that goes into Unitor™ cylinders. Our Global Cylinder Exchange Program offers a wide range of industrial gases and refrigerants, providing a safer and more environmentally responsible solution for you.

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With us as your worldwide partner for refrigerant and gas supply, you can rest assured. We run the world’s largest network for the distribution, re-filling, maintenance and exchange of Unitor™ cylinders. Covering a wide range of applications, our gases are available wherever and whenever you need them.

Here is how the program can enhance the safety of your systems and reduce the emissions from your refrigerants:

The program provides traceability from production to the end-user. This ensures the authenticity of the gases and refrigerants, allowing vessels to exchange the empty cylinders for re-filled ones in all major ports worldwide.

These cylinders are designed to be returned, re-filled, and re-used, thereby reducing waste and the environmental impact of residue refrigerants released into the atmosphere.

Quality and Safety
The program guarantees the purity and quality of the gases and refrigerants, safeguarding your systems from harmful substances. Additionally, the cylinders are inspected and tested to ensure their quality, reducing the risk of accidents.