New Builds: Initial Supplies

Solutions for a lifetime – a complete spectrum of agency services, treatment packages protecting your assets, cleaning solutions as well as repair and maintenance products, all made accessible through a single point of contact.

New-building processes can be both challenging and time-consuming. From brainstorming an idea to the actual ship design, from the first cutting of the steel plates to the delivery of a new ship, there are thousands of decisions to be made on a daily basis. With limited time, every party involved is working round the clock to make sure things are happening according to the timeline, regardless of whether you are a superintendent, procurement manager or technical manager at the shipyard.

At Wilhelmsen, we know there is a simpler solution – a complete spectrum of agency services, treatment packages protecting your assets, cleaning solutions as well as repair and maintenance products – accessible through a single point of contact. Wherever you are and wherever your new-build is.

Simplify the specification process

Using a selection tool for initial supply packages, we work with you to develop new-build solutions catered to your needs and requirements:

  • Packages that suit your vessel's needs
  • Suggestions for vessel requirements which assist you in finalising your loose equipment needs
  • Equipment specification covering product ranges varying from repair and maintenance products, water and fuel treatments, cleaning solutions, refrigeration packages in accordance with regulations

Protecting your investment

The maritime industry has a constant focus on safety with new regulations continuously in place to protect the safety of crewmembers and personnel, vessels, equipment, rigs and platforms. This requires solutions that are compliant and cost-effective, with no compromise on safety. In addition, to safekeep your investments such as engines and ancillary equipment, we can offer the following:

  • Commissioning personnel for repair and maintenance systems
  • Treating and testing of cooling water by service engineer
  • Discussing with class and flag states special requirements or documentation
  • Our local footprint allows for discussions with shipyards for their extra needs
  • We can store initial supply packages in the area to meet shipyard demands for quick delivery
  • Training packages and product solutions according to MLC 2006 requirements
  • Protecting your piping systems in many ways. For example: Using our moisture free Unicool™ refrigerants in your cooling systems with low impact on global warming or killing off unwanted germs in your ventilation pipes using our duct air treatment.

The world's largest maritime network

With 4,100 marine professionals servicing 2,200 ports in 125 countries, we have the largest maritime services network in the world – delivering high-quality standardised products and services with global availability. We are committed to providing the highest technical standards to ensure your crew and work forces remain safe and compliant at all times.

As your reliable partner, you benefit from:

  • Environmentally compliant products and services according to strict international standards and the latest maritime legislations
  • Predictable pricing, for greater control and peace of mind
  • The entire range of Unitor™ and Nalfleet™ chemicals and products with a global warranty
  • Quality documentation (safety data sheets, approval certificates, user guides, operating instructions, spare part lists)
  • After-sales service, as well as a wide selection of accessories, spares and consumables available worldwide
  • Single point of contact through our 24/7 customer service center
  • ISO 9001 / ISO 14001 certified company

Need advice?

With offices in 75 countries supporting our non-stop operations in 2 200 port locations across the globe, you can be assured that we have the local knowledge and industry expertise to find the best solution to cater for your needs.

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