Ships Agency Safety Month Mini Game - Terms & Conditions

Spot the difference competition

Identify which safety items are missing and score bonus points when you find them quickly. Compete against others and beat their game scores: Top 10 on the leaderboard in each competition round wins a limited edition Ships Agency pin badge.

Round 1: 12-21 March 2018
Round 2: 22-31 March 2018

Competition Rules / Terms & Conditions

1. Eligibility: Anyone can take part in the mini game competition during the competition rounds' duration is eligible to win prizes, as long as you register at the game score page with your email address, or Facebook login or Google + login so that we can contact you after the event ends.

2. Prize expiry deadlines: We will attempt to contact all winners by 6 April 2018 latest to get their delivery address. If we do not hear back from you by 13 April 2018, your prize will be forfeited and the next highest ranked person on the leaderboard will be awarded the prize. Each subsequent winner will be given up to 3 working days to respond before it gets disqualified and passed on to the next highest ranked person on the leaderboard

3. Multiple gameplays and submissions: You are allowed to play the game as many times as you like to try to improve your ranking. However, in the spirit of sportmanship, please do not sign in with many different email addresses or social media accounts to try to dominate many ranks on the leaderboard, or we may disqualify you. 

4. Winners with the same score: Your ranking on the leaderboard is based on your final game score. However in the event that your score is the same with someone else, the person who obtained the score first will get the higher rank on the leaderboard. 

5. Repeat Winners in Round 1 and 2: In order to promote a more inclusive culture and give others a chance to win, if you had previously won in Round 1, you will be disqualified from winning again in Round 2. The next highest ranked person (who had not won in Round 1) on the leaderboard will be awarded the prize instead.

6. In the event of any unforeseen circumstances or reasons which occur, we reserve the right to substitute prizes, disqualify winners or change contest mechanics.