New bunkering anchorage at Zhoushan Port.
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New bunkering anchorage named Qushan anchorage has been put into use at Zhoushan port since 13th Apr, 2022.

1. Bunkering position:
1# 30°27′35.4″N;122°28′4.4″E, draft limit: 20.5m
2# 30°27′36.4″N;122°29′25.6″E, draft limit: 18.1m

2. Recommended conditions of bunker operation:
2.1 The forecast wind speed of easterly wind is ≤13.8m/s (Beaufort wind level 6), and the wind speed of other wind direction is ≤17.1m/s (Beaufort wind level 7).
2.2 The maximum wave height for bunker operation is not allowed to be more than 1.5m, and the best wave height for bunker operation is not allowed to be more than 1m.
2.3 The visibility requests more than 1 nautical mile.
2.4 The current velocity is less than 3 knots.

3. Advantage:
3.1 CTDC (Chinese Tonnage Dues Cert) is not required when bunkering at Quashan Anchorage.
3.2 Fresh water/stores/spares/provisions supply is available at Qushan anchorage during Bunkering.

4. Remark:
Bunker barge is not allowed to alongside at night.

For more information: WSS Zhoushan Port

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