Bunkering on the Western Scheldt river.
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The Western Scheldt River anchorage near the port of Vlissingen is a popular bunkerspot for vessels passing the ARA ranch. From December 2020 a test period of 1 year has started allowing bunkering of LNG by a barge on the Western Scheldt river. Local GNA River Authority issued a license for one year in order to gain experience with LNG bunkering. After 1 year the River Authority will evaluate and decide if this will become permanent.

- LNG bunkering only allowed at anchor position "Charlie" and "Delta"
- Permission for anchoring required from the GNA River Authorities.
- As from 12.5 m draft vessels are tidal bound, sailing on tidal window issued by GNA.
- Draft up to 15/17 m salt water possible depending on type vessel and cargo on board. To be checked individually.
- Max allowed LOA is 340 m.
- Use of pilot compulsory as from 80 mtrs LOA or with IMO cargo.
- Tank cleaning / ventilating not allowed.
- IMO Class 1, 2 and 5.1 vessels are not allowed to anchor on the river, alternatively buoys at port of Vlissingen.
- For vessels above 225 m a pilot and tug on standby can be made compulsory if so required (weather conditions).
- Maximum wind force of 6 Bft and a max swell of 1.2 m.
- The bunker barge must be moored with sufficient mooring lines and jumping.
- A safety zone of 75 meters around the bunker vessel and seagoing vessel must be maintained.

For more info on bunker calls on the Western Scheldt, Netherlands please contact our WSS Terneuzen office wss.terneuzen@wilhelmsen.com / +31 115 683 260

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