Outeiro Port

Outeiro Port receives authorization to operate cargoes via transshipment.
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Outeiro Port which is operated by Messrs. Companhia Docas do Pará and located 19 km away from Belem's city downtown received an environmental license to handle various cargoes via transshipment.

The possible cargoes are: zinc ore, fertilizer, manganese, steel plates, steel coils, pozzolana, palm/palm kernel oil, ethanol; gasoline; bunker C marine fuel oil; marine fuel oil MF 380; diesel oil S50; diesel oil S500 and kerosene, for barges carrying wheat, soybeans and corn, wood and green petroleum coke (only with moored vessels). Storage of soybeans and corn, mooring of research vessels, and supply of vessels moored at the pier.

For the moment, the maximum allowed draft is 10.60 meters, however, this may vary due to the season and must be confirmed by the Port Authorities and Pilots Association.


For more information: WSS Belem

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