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Brazilian Flag Dress Notice.
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According to the Brazilian Navy - Directorate of Ports and Coasts’ regulations (DPC/NORMAM 22), please note it is mandatory for all vessels in Brazil to proceed with the Flag Dress as instructed hereinafter. These are done yearly, on the below-mentioned dates, and following the criteria for performing it in the correct manner.

Full Flag Dress (Hoisting the flags of the International Code of Signals, in arc, with the Brazilian National Flag hoisted on top of masts) on 7 September and 15 November.

Small Flag Dress (Hoisting the Brazilian National Flag on top of the masts) on 1 January, 21 April, 1 May, 19 November, 25 December and 28 December.

Funeral Flag Dress (Hoisting the Brazilian National Flag at half-mast on all masts) on 2 November.

However, according to NORMAM 22, the flag dress must be hoisted as from 8 am (i.e. sunrise) up to sunset, except on 19 November when the hoisting must take place at noontime.

We do reinforce that noncompliance may subject the vessel to fines by the Brazilian Navy/Harbor Master.


For more information: WSS Santos

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