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Australian Maritime Safety Authority Marine Notice 2021.
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An AMSA Marine Notice provides important safety-related information, general guidance, and details about upcoming changes to legislation to the shipping and maritime community after fatal accidents from falling off pilot ladders on ships.
Embarking and disembarking a vessel using a pilot ladder is a high-risk activity. Failing to provide safe access can be fatal.

A risk assessment for the safe transfer of people by pilot ladder, or other means, should be part of the vessel’s safety management system.
Pilot ladders and associated equipment must comply with international standards (SOLAS V/23), be certified and properly maintained.
When considering the risk of use of a pilot ladder for transfer, as a minimum, attention should be given to:
• The experience and capability of people using the pilot ladder
• The physical demands of using a pilot ladder
• Sea state and weather conditions
• The ability of a launch or other vessel to act as a platform to safely transfer people to or from a pilot ladder
• Measures to prevent falls
• Emergency response if a person using the pilot ladder falls
• Use of other means of transfer that present a lower risk in the circumstances, such as a

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