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Prohibition on vessels transiting, anchoring, or remaining in the demarcated area off marina barrage.
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According to the Port Marine Notice no. 089 of 2019, the Port Master hereby prohibits all vessels from transiting, anchoring or remaining in the demarcated area off Marina Barrage. With effect from 1800 hrs to 2300 hrs on the 22nd of September 2019.

The demarcated area is shown in the Appendix and bounded by the following coordinates (WGS 84 Datum):

                 1. 01° 17.786’ N; 103° 54.095’ E;
                 2. 01° 17.450’ N; 103° 54.390’ E;
                 3. 01° 15.960’ N; 103° 52.570’ E;
                 4. 01° 16.447’ N; 103° 52.084’ E.

Vessels currently anchored within the demarcated area are required to relocate to an alternate anchorage as directed by the Port Master, by 22nd of September 2019 at 0001 hrs.

Please call Capt. Scott Ngiam at tel: +65 6773-7401 or Marine Safety Control Centre (MSCC) Duty Officer at +65 6325-2488/ 2489 for clarification on this Port Marine Notice.

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