Saudi Arabia

Jubail and Ras Tanura

Operations at Jubail and at Ras Tanura Port.
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King Fahd Industrial Port and Jubail Commercial Port have not been affected by the recent incidents. Where several explosions occurred as a result of drone attacks in Saudi’s Aramco’s factories in Khurais and Abqaiq.

Understandably, security has been increased at the industrial plant's sector and complexes. Since Saudi Aramco is a major supplier of material to the Saudi petrochemical sector, it is expected that petrochemical producers in Saudi Arabia may see an impact on their production.

Ras Tanura

Terminal operations are going smoothly without any issues. There are no problems loading crude oil with supply being secured by storage facilities.

So far, no definite date on the end of repairs of the damage at the refinery. However, the longer the processing facility remains disrupted, the larger the potential impact on actual crude flows will be. Possible cargo shortages will be followed up with future updates.


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