Panama Canal

Panama Canal drops LNG transit restrictions - explanation.
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Panama Canal Authority provided updates regarding daylight restrictions for LNG carriers. It was explained, that October 1, 2018 is the target date for certain restrictions on LNG vessels to be lifted. This will allow the ACP to schedule LNG vessels in opposite directions, thus providing greater flexibility.  Although there is an intention to increase the number of booking slots available to LNGs once these restrictions are lifted, the manner in which these will be allocated is still under evaluation. 
This is only applicable in the locks, it means that LNGs will be able to clear locks after sundown, not be transiting the Canal itself. Opposite transit directions, means that the ACP will be able to transit 3 LNGs per day more often (2 in one direction and 1 in the opposite direction) than it is the case today. They still will only offer booking slots for 2 LNGs as they cannot guarantee the 3rd LNG every day.

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