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Armed guards (Nigerian naval personnel only) are permitted to board vessels in Nigerian waters.
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For vessels calling Bonny River terminal and Bonny LNG terminal armed guards not permitted on board at the terminal. Vessels arriving with armed guards on board must be disembarked them at a bonny pilot station. At Warri ports, armed guard’s services are only gunboat escort without placing armed guards on board but vessels can arrive with armed guards (navy) on board. Escort service only for a direct request to Navy at Warri. Foreign ships arriving Lagos can embark armed guards on boards throughout the duration of port stay.

NO armed guards authorized at SBM Lagos. Procedure to follow:

1) Security services vendors to be applied to navy for armed guards.

2) Data page of master’s passport/ crew list and ship photograph to be attached to the application.

3) Navy give approved request and security consultant proceeds to make payment for navy charges.

4) Armed release to security consultant and logistics for embarkation arranged (boat to place them on board).

5) The number of armed guards (navy personnel only) per vessel is 7 persons.

6) Vessels at Lagos anchorage may request for 4 persons to save some cost, after navy approval, otherwise standard is 7 persons.

7) Invoice for armed guards’ services is from security consultant or security services vendor to agent.








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