Maximum air draft and arrival/departure drafts in swell conditions revision at the Port of Botany.
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Port authority has announced new maximum draft and airdraft at the Port of Botany, as following:

Maximum air draft restriction is 51.925m and applies 24/7, due to proximity of Sydney Airport.

Restriction Locations

  • All vessels in the waters, west of the Captain Cook buoy, defined as the commercial shipping channels, swings basin & berths.
  •  In Hayes Dock the restriction applies to the waters between the face of the berth to a line close west of the western side Hayes Dock lead lights. The air draft restriction is lower to the west of this line.

Maximum arrival or departure drafts in swell conditions

The movement of sea going vessels entering and departing Port Botany are restricted under certain sea and swell conditions. When swell conditions are greater than 3 metres at the Port Botany Channel entrance, a formula is used to calculate maximum permissible draft. Formula is based on a minimum depth of 15.6m in the shipping channel entrance at Botany Bay.  

Max. Permissible Draft in Metres = (15.6 + height of tide – max. swell at the channel entrance*) ÷ 1.1

Note: Maximum swell shall be the swell at the *Bombora Wave Buoy or the *Captain Cook Channel Wave Buoy, whichever is the greater.

Formula is used as a guide for calculating the transit draft, however, the final permissible draft is determined by the Pilot of the inbound/outbound vessel at Botany, at the time of arrival or departure.

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