A massive fire at Benoa Harbor in Denpasar.
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Indonesian island of Bali, located in the tourist provincial capital of Denpasar suffered a massive fire. Reportedly the fire broke out on Monday at dawn on a fishing boat. Since many boats were docked close together, spreading fire quickly affected around 40 fishing boats. Causing a huge column of black smoke to rise over the Bay of Benoa. It required eleven fire departments and some dispatched water cannon vehicles from Bali Police to contain the flames. There were no fatalities or injuries in the fire. The Regional Agency for Disaster Management (BPBD, in Indonesian) said in a statement that the burned boats belonged to at least three companies but other boats were private. Police is investigating the incident hoping to clarify the origin of the flames which could be accidental. According to the police, harbor lacked the necessary firefighting equipment and facilities for example a hydrant pump which could help extinguish the fire immediately.
As of today, there is no information on possible delays or obstructions at Benoa Harbor.

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