Kerch Strait Canal Transit

Experience seamless coordination of your voyage through the Kerch Strait

You will experience a seamless coordination of the whole voyage from entering the Kerch strait, calling at port(s) in the sea of Azov, and until the return transit has been completed. We offer the following services for the Kerch Strait: 

  • Using our key locations, we guarantee you excellent product and service availability in Kerch
  • We meet & greet and arrange all crew changes during transit
  • You will have live access to the status of all your port calls, saving you time and administration costs
  • We offer you the best possible service 24/7, all year round
  • We keep you updated with all relevant information regarding your transit, including the weather report as well as the Official Passage Report

Choosing the right partner for your canal transits globally can save you thousands of dollars in time and administration costs. Wilhelmsen Ships Service operates the world’s largest maritime services network, with 4,500 marine professionals servicing 2,400 ports in 125 countries, guaranteeing an exclusive service experience for your port calls anywhere, anytime.


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With offices in 75 countries supporting our non-stop operations in 2 200 port locations across the globe, you can be assured that we have the local knowledge and industry expertise to find the best solution to cater for your needs.

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