Vessel Pre-Purchase Inspection & Ship Audits

WSM offers independent assessment of your potential assets through vessel pre-purchase inspection and ship audit services


With over 40 years of managing sea-going assets, we are veterans in accessing your asset's seaworthy condition.

Vessel pre-purchase inspections and ship audits are made to access the condition of any vessel for owners, managers, banks, financial insitutions, fund houses, and investors.

Vessel Pre-purchase Inspection

All vessels must undergo regular inspection to ensure that they comply with international maritime safety and environmental protection regulations. We inspect vessels for many reasons but mainly for the purpose of:

  • Pre-purchase vessel condition inspection
  • Pre-chartering vessel inspection
  • Pre-docking vessel inspection
  • Vessel general inspection (for asset management & recovery and risk management)
  • On hire / off hire surveys
  • Hull and machinery damage inspections 

The inspections are carried out by qualified vessel managers, superintendents and chief engineer. Our methodology in carrying out inspections are tried and tested. Our findings will be delivered in a detailed report in timely and accurate manner.

Captain Patwardhan Jitendra, General Manager of WSM Singapore, explains the focus areas on vessel pre-purchase inspection and the value of our assessment that aids decision-making. 

Ship Audits

Our in-house experts conduct a number of types of audit, inspection and certification to ensure our customers’ asset and safety and cost effectiveness are achieved and maintained. These include: 

  • ISM/ISPS/ISO 9001/ISO 14001 – Internal audits
  • Ship Security Assessments and Ship Security Plans
  • MLC Internal inspections
  • On-board Training and Safety Missions

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