The ultimate lay-up provider

All you need to know about Lay-up Management

WSM’s lay-up management was established in 2009, at the height of the shipping industry downturn. Over the years, WSM has been entrusted to provide lay-up services for any types of asset from traditional to the more advance vessels and offshore installations.

What you need to know

Touching on the topic of lay-up, we note that many owners are hesitant to consider lay-up management as a cost saving alternative because they are unfamiliar with it. Owners are also concerned that lay-ups would affect the vessel performance in long run.

Lay-up is a proven cost saving alternative in situations where charter rates are below vessel operating cost. Owners can seek short or long-term refuge by laying up their idling vessels. Other reasons why owners choose to lay up their vessels includes waiting for the right timing to convert, scrap or sell their assets.

Rakesh Bhargava, General Manager – Lay-up, IHM & Green Recycling

The anchorage location

  • Ensure anchorage locations are secure and sheltered from typhoon
  • Has good holding ground that ensures ship can lie safely
  • Depth 10–25 metres
  • Water current condition of 1 knot and below
  • Authorized and regulated lay-up area

Maintenance procedures - are these key areas included?

  • Deck
  • Hull
  • Anchor
  • Engine
  • Motor and compressor rooms
  • Cargo areas
Layup ship infograph


Check the preservation procedures of the service provider especially on the sealing and dehumification procedures to minimize corrosion and protection of the electrical equipment

Make sure your provider is insured!

  • Check if your service provider has liability insurance and ensure the realistic limits of liability
  • Choosing a class certified service provider may aid in lowering your insurance premium while the vessel is in lay-up