Product information

This product supersedes product no: 310310


  • Lightweight, small and easy to operate.
  • Severance cuts up to 12 mm steel thickness, Quality cut up to 10 mm, steel thickness Recommended cut 8 mm steel thickness.
  • Spare part kit is included with the machine.
  • Does not uses HF ignition system.
  • "Consumables check" technology to notify user the need to replace consumables to prevent damage to torch.
  • "Air Test" button to check the compress air pressure.
  • Overheat protection and low air pressure protection
  • "Reset" button" which will reset all safety features when depressed by the operator.
  • Duty cycle 20% at 30 A, 60% at 18 A and 100% at 16 A.
  • Ingress protection IP23S.
  • Torch with safety trigger according to CE standard



The UPC-310 ML uses a No High Frequency blowback ignition system. This is of great importance for shipboard use. It does not interfere with radio communication or other electronically controlled equipment.

Cutting capacity is up to 10 mm steel and typical cutting speed is 500 mm/min on 6 mm steel The output is stepwise adjustable for precision cutting at lower speeds.

Compact and portable, the unit is built on the inverter principle which in addition to excellent cutting properties provides low weight and compact dimensions. The plasma cutter may easily be passed through manholes and brought to any workplace on board.