Product information

This product supersedes product no: 310310

EU Ecodesign Compliant Welding Machine

Supplied with:

  • Torch with 6m cable (connected directly to machine)
  • Return clamp with 6m cable and DIX25 connector
  • 3.5m primary cable mounted on the machine
  • Initial supply consumables kit consisting of 2 x Electrode, 2 x Tip Drag and 1 x Cartridge
  • Air regulator with filter and water separator mounted on machine


  • Lightweight, portable and easy to operate
  • Performs recommended cut of 8mm at cutting speed of 400mm/min and quality cut of 10mm at cutting speed of 200mm/min
  • Equipped with Intelligent Voltage Reading (IVR) function to indicate the end of life for plasma consumables
  • Torch with safety trigger as per CE standard and "Reset" button" to avoid accidental trigger
  • IP23 ingress protection with high resistance to dust and moisture


  • Safe and compliant for maritime and outdoor useThe plasma cutter may easily be passed through manholes and brought to any workplace on board vessel for maintenance and repair works
  • Excellent cutting performance and versatile as it can cut a wide range of electrically conductive steels such as mild and stainless steels, castings, aluminium, titanium as well as copper alloys
  • Quality cut with lesser distortion and smaller Heat-Affected Zone (HAZ) compared to traditional oxy-fuel cutting process
  • Uses Pilot Arc and not High Frequency (HF) blowback ignition system which does not interfere with shipboard radio communication or other electronically controlled equipment
  • Spare part kit available for easy repair and to minimise downtime