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I-FLUX 238PF. 250G

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Flux to be applied inside pipes when used with Ialbro-237 MF for TIG welding.

Product information

Flux in paste form, specially developed for the flux coated TIG welding rod lalbro. The flux is complimentary to the flux on the rod. Flux residues should be washed/brushed off with water after welding. The flux is supplied in sealed plastic boxes.


  • Sealed flux containers
  • Long shelf life
  • In paste form


  • Prevent contamination and upkeep high quality
  • Protects investment
  • Ready for use, no need to add distilled water


Product name Product number
18/8MO-221 2.0 X 500 MM 0,5KG 602979
IALBRO-237 MF 2.4 X 500MM 1,4KG 519736
ICROMO-216 2.5 X 500 MM 1,0KG 305532
ICUNI-30 239 2.5 X 500 MM 2,0KG 335547
IDUPLEX-222 2.0 X 500 MM 0,5KG 725309
I-FLUX 238PF. 250G 603092
IMS-210 2.0 X 500 MM 1,5KG 604850