S-309M GF-222 0,9MM WELD. WIRE 5KG

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Wire for GMA welding of stainless steel to mild steel, compound steel and stainless steel overlays.

Product information


  • High mechanical strength and toughness
  • High content of molybdenum


  • Less possibility for joint failure during opperation
  • Large area of application


Technical data

Polarity DC +
Voltage [V] 24 mains supply
Wire Speed [m/min] 13

Unitor S 309 M-GF is a rutile flux cored wire designed for welding of clad steel (compound steel), stainless steel, mild steel and corrosion resistant overlays on mild steel. It can also be used for welding of stainless steel with chemical composition of up to 23% Cr, 13% Ni, and 2.3% Mo. No granulation of crystals up to 350ยฐC, no oxidation below 800ยฐC working temperature. Use 80%/20% Ar/CO2 preferably as shielding gas. Pure CO2 can also be used. For position welding use Ar/CO2.


Product name Product number Polarity Voltage [V] Wire Speed [m/min]
ALUMAG-W 235 1,0MM 2,0KG 590083 DC + 23
CORESHIELD8 SELFSHIELD 1,6MM 11,4KG 750187 DC - 18-24
GPS-W 200 0,8MM WELD. WIRE 5,0KG 590117 DC + 22
IALBRO-W 237 0,8MM WELD. WIRE 5,0KG 777972 DC + 22
ICUNI-W 239 0,8MM WELD. WIRE 5,0KG 592015 DC + 22
MS-W-201 SELFSHIELDWIRE 0,8MM 4.5KG 160100 DC- 20
S-309M GF-222 0,9MM WELD. WIRE 5KG 309000 DC + 24 13
S316M-GF,221,0.9MM WELD. WIRE 2.5KG 597518 DC + 22