Product information

Our specially designed mooring ringtails (pendants) are made to withstand tough swells, strong winds and currents. Timm Flex Ringtails have very high elongation properties, making them ideal for mooring in the most challenging of sea terminals. These ringtails are manufactured using our 8-strand braider, Viking 2. Mooring tails are used to protect the mooring lines and to allow ships to sway and move with the environment. Our flex ringtails have a high abrasion and UV resistance - providing a durable mooring solution and acting as an absorber for sudden energy changes. OCIMF recommends 22m polyamide tails as an exposed berth standard - for longer wave environments.
The stretcher breaking strength is given by Tail Design Break Force TDBF as per OCIMF MEG4, equal to value of MBL spliced.


  • Very high elongation
  • 100% high tenacity PA fiber
  • Protected eyes


  • Excellent abrasion resistance
  • Excellent UV resistance
  • Smooth handling surface
  • Suitable for challenging sea terminal conditions


Ordering information


Product is made according to ISO 1140. Tested breaking load is according to ISO 2307 and is measured without eye splices.