Product information

Acera Lite reduces the gap between the ultra light and expensive high performance ropes and inexpensive ropes made from 100% traditional fibers or steel.
This rope is constructed from the DNV GL type approved 12-strand Acera Amundsen HMPE rope, with additional lightweight polyolefin fibers. Acera Lite is significantly stronger than polyester and nylon ropes, with better abrasion resistance and is 70 - 75% lighter than nylon ropes of the equivalent strength. Every yarn is individually coated through a rotating 360° Lick-roller process. This cumbersome single yarn coating process demonstrates the uncompromising commitment to the quality standards of Acera. Single yarn coating is proven to significantly enhance internal and external abrasion resistance, and extend service life and strength. 12-strand ropes are regarded as the best rope construction, which has become the most common construction for high performance ropes. When replacing conventional fiber ropes, the reduction in diameter leads to significant savings in weight, space and handling. This reduces the total time required for mooring operations and fuel consumption. The lightweight, strong Acera Lite is available at a market competitive price, lowering the initial price gap between high performance fiber ropes and wire ropes.


  • 12-strand plaited construction
  • Marine single yarn coating
  • Plain ends or spliced eyes
  • High strength-to-weight ratio


  • Price competitive
  • Easy to handle
  • Easy to splice
  • Easy to inspect
  • Stronger and safer than steel, with less snap-back
  • High construction stability and well balanced; 6 left and 6 right strands
  • Outsized surface contact - better abrasion resistance
  • No rotation under load
  • Enhanced abrasion resistance



This product is produced according to ISO 9554:2010 and tested according to ISO 2307:2010. Minimum Breaking Load (MBL) is according to ISO 10325:2009.